Freshly Pressed Vegetable Juice:

Start with carrot juice, and slowly drink a few spoonfuls on an empty stomach. When you first introduce juice you’ll want to make sure it is well filtered. It should be clear, not full of the pulp! Gradually introduce up to 2 cup of fresh juice per day. When you can handle a full cup of carrot juice, try adding celery, cabage, lettuce, and fresh mint to your juice (one at a time).  Juice is best taken on an empty stomach 20-25 minutes before breakfast.  If possible drink juice from the time you wake up, until 10:00 a.m.  After 10:00 a.m., proceed with breakfast.  Children may need to eat breakfast earlier. 

Generally try to have 50% of some tasty ingredients (pineapple, apple, orange, grapefruit, grapes, mango) to disguise the taste of the rest of the ingredients (carrot, celery, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, dill, basil, beetroot*, beet and carrot tops and fresh nettle leaves, fresh mint leaves).

*Beetroot should be no more then 5% of the juice mixture.  

The GAPS Milkshake: 
Healthy fat added to freshly pressed juice will slow down the absorption of the sugars in the juice.  The GAPS milkshake helps those suffering with constipation.

  • Make your juice.
  • Add a raw egg yolk.
  • Add in a dollop of homemade sour cream. 
  • Blend it up with some ice cubes.

If you can not tolerate egg yolks and sour cream then coconut oil may also be used.

Yogurt & Whey
If you do not suffer from constipation then you may want to add a little whey or yogurt into your juice.

Oxalate Problems
You could juice salad, cabbage, pineapple and cucumber to keep the oxalates low.

Therapeutic Combinations of Juices:

Carrot, pineapple, small amount of beet
This juice will prepare the digestive system for the coming meal. It stimulates stomach acid production

Cabbage, apple, celery
This juice stimulates digestive enzyme production.

Heavy Metal Chelation
Leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, parsley, dill, carrot, beet tops) with tomato and lemon.

Add one teaspoon of black elderberries to any combination.

Kidney Cleansing
Cabbage, apple, celery

Liver Cleansing
Carrot, apple, celery, beetroot

Magnesium & Iron
Leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, parsley, dill, carrot, beet tops) with tomato and lemon


  1. Hi Julie,
    I just read your story - it is reminiscent of many things going on in my house :) We have started the GAPS diet (on Stage 3) but I didn't realize I should be avoiding "sweet veggies" such as carrot and beet. We had to start juicing in Stage 3 because of constipation issues. But, now I'm worried I've set my son back by giving him tons of carrot juice. I noticed you also juiced for your son - just wondering if you avoided carrots, and if so, what veggies worked for you while juicing? Thanks!

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  6. Nice blog and so informative thank you for sharing us such a great blog.

  7. I'm drinking juice everyday. I really like it. And I applied for my son too. Your recipe is very good and I saw that the time when I drink the juice is not good. I will change it to see how it work. Thank you for your sharing.


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  9. With your liver cleansing juice what type of apple would you use?


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  11. Is it only stage 3 that juicing starts or does the 1-2 tbsp/day start immediately?

  12. what's the reason for beet root only consisting of 5%? Is it because it is high in sugar?

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